Saturday, August 15, 2020

Learn Lumion For Free

In Lumion Tutorials Section, you will learn how to render videos, images , Animation, vr Virtual Reality, interior & exterior rendering for free. No need to get private courses or training.

Start with Lumion Tutorial Learning Paths:

Lumion Basics : for beginners

01 Get Start with Lumion

Lumion Materials: for All Levels

01 How to be familiar with materials?
02 Discover Additional Material Properties
03 How to Work with Surfaces?
04 How to Work with Glass Material?
05 How to Work with Water?
06 Others Materials
07 How to Speed up you Work Flow?
      • Load and Save Material Set.
      • Copy-Paste Values Additional Material Properties.
      • Copy-Paste Colors From Other Software.

Lumion Render Photo : Ultimate Guide

01 Ultimate Render Photo Guide

Lumion Render Video : Ultimate Guide

01 How to Work with Camera and Clip?
02 How to Render Video?

Lumion Render Panorama 360° : Ultimate Guide

01 How to Setup Panorama Viewpoints?
02 How to Render For MyLumion?
03 How to Render for VR Devices?

Lumion 9 New Features : for All Levels

01 What’s new in Lumion 9?
02 New User Interface

Lumion 9 Introduction : for beginners

01 Getting Started with Lumion 9

Lumion 10 New Features : for All Levels

01 What’s new in Lumion 10?

Lumion 10 Introduction : for beginners

01 Welcome to Lumion 10
02 Discover Photo Matching

Lumion New Features