What’s New in Lumion 10? – Top 16 new features

What's New in Lumion 10? - Top 16 new features.

Finally, after the long wait, Lumion 10 and Lumion 10 Pro version has been released. With 16 new features. Let’s Start:

1High-quality preview

The high-quality preview feature give you the ability to see the highest possible quality of your project before you render it. You can see how the effects work in Movie Mode, Photo Mode, or Panorama Mode will influence the final result, saving time when making changes to materials, shadows, lighting, and camera positions.

High-quality preview (video)

2Fine-detail Nature (Pro only)

Lumion 10 comes with The 62 new Fine-detail Nature models are the most detail-rich, beautiful 3D tree and plant models. Lumion content library has new trees, bushes, shrubs, and more.

Fine-detail Nature (video)

3Displacement Mapping

New 167 materials come with Lumion 10to add more realism to your design, you will be able to feel the bumpy texture of gravel, the rough surface of bricks, the grain of your chosen wood.

Displacement mapping (video)

4Real Skies at night (Pro only)

Real Skies at night Lumion 10 Pro
Model design by Marco Caccini | Source: Lumion.com

There are 5 new Real Skies at night available in just in Lumion 10 Pro version.

Real Skies at night (video)

5Aurora Borealis (Pro only)

Now, you can give an artistic flavor to your renders by viewing your designs under an orchestra of color with the Aurora Borealis effect.

Aurora Borealis (video)

6Photo Matching (Pro only)

Photo Matching Lumion 10 Pro
Lumion Photomatch by Paul Spaltman | Source: Lumion.com

Finally, Photo Matching is existing in Lumion 10 Pro. You can easily place your 3D model in the context delivered by a shooted real-life photograph. Directly show your design in the middle of its real residential neighborhood. Capture stunning, real locations photograph and match them to your model with a few clicks.

Photo Matching (video)

7Heightmaps for OSM (Pro only)

Heightmaps for OSM Lumion 10 Pro
Height maps data from (c) JAXA (AW3D30) | Source: Lumion.com

Lumion 10 comes with Real-life elevations. You can improve the actual heights and elevations surrounding your project With the new heightmaps for OSM, from small, gradual climbs to mountainous, jagged peaks.

Heightmaps for OSM (video)

8AI Artist Styles

AI Artist Styles Lumion 10
Model design by Ing. arch Marek Jedlička, Kristýna Stará, Petr Kučera, Bc. Peter Bednár | Source: Lumion.com

A new neural network feature in Lumion 10, you can see a transformation of your design with the exclusive painting style of famous artists, including the styles of Monet, Picasso, Kandinsky, and others. All that with AI Artist Styles.

*Minimum 16GB of system memory required.

AI Artist Styles video

9The Content Library with 364 new objects (Pro only)

364 new objects in the Content Library Lumion 10 Pro
HD quality objects, Trees and Plants, were created using SpeedTree (Registered Trademark) | Source: Lumion.com

Many new objects in Lumion 10 Pro include, but are not limited to:

  • 62 fine-detail nature objects, 11 vehicles, 180 interior objects, 30 high-quality animated 3D people, 81 exterior objects, and more.

Learn more about the new objects

10New Materials (with Displacement Mapping)

Many new materials in Lumion 10 include, but are not limited to:

  • 12 soil materials, 09 various rock materials, 10 exterior materials, 03 indoor tiles
    All materials include displacement mapping.

Learn more about the new materials

11Paint Placement

Paint placement Lumion 10
| Source: Lumion.com

Just sweep your mouse whit the new paint placement tool like a brush across an area to set hundreds of natural objects in your project. To impart the feeling of natural realism to your architectural design by using scatter swathes of trees, rocks, shrubs, and more.

Paint placement (video)

12Custom Materials Library

Custom materials library Lumion 10

You can access your favorite materials from one place. So when you import and personalize a material or created a custom one, you can save the new material for using again and again and apply it in an instant.

Custom materials (video)

13Landscape Cutter

You cut a custom-sized hole by using the new landscape cutter tool from the Lumion editor landscape. Place the landscape cutter over the zone you want to eliminate (to remove) and create a top surface cutout to fit with the components of your 3D model.

Landscape cutter (video)

14Ease in/out Control for Movie Clips

Ease in out control for movie clips Lumion 10
Model design by Van Manen.

The new ease in/out control for movie clips, Helping you to choose whether the camera accelerates at the beginning of the clip and decelerates at the end, or if the camera preserves a constant, linear speed.

Ease in/out (video)

15Improved Object Library

Improved object library Lumion 10
| Source: Lumion.com

Every new Lumion version comes with more objects library. Lumion 10 comes with 5,600+ objects, With larger thumbnails to find and place the correct object easily and rapidly.

Improved object library (video)

16Improved DWG import

Residential Exterior Lumion 10
Model imported with new DWG support | Source: Lumion.com

Now DWG import is integrated into Lumion 10. Improved with (.dwg) and( .dxf) support and automatic materials conversion for materials name like ‘glass’ and ‘water.’

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